Welcome to the Sixth Watchtower

This campaign is:

  • Free of rape and sexual assault. These things do not exist in the world, and any canon mechanics that rely on them will be cooperatively edited before they’re purchased or used. This does not automatically include all coercive or mind-controlling effects, but all such effects should be examined and used judiciously in keeping with this principle.
  • Socially conscious. We want to make each other uncomfortable in all the GOOD ways only, so if something concerns you, please bring it up. I will endeavor to check in ahead of time and after the fact any time potentially triggering story takes place.
  • Anti-authoritarian. Authoritarian values are the purview of villain NPCs. The ethos of the mainstream Silver Ladder and Adamantine Arrow should be understood to stop short of that, such that members who pursue unquestioning obedience or otherwise seek to subvert the wills of others (even Sleepers) are considered to be counter to the ideals of the orders.

Notable edits to published rules include:

- Mages who appropriate symbols and labels that do not “belong” to them find that their magical efforts do not yield results as easily as those who choose symbols of genuine personal significance. This is a documented phenomenon among the Awakened, though that doesn’t always stop some pretentious mages from trying to use things that don’t fit them.

- Magically coercing someone to act in a way they don’t want to is a level 4 act, not level 9.
- Magically coercing someone to act against their moral code is level 3, not level 8.
- Magically binding a sentient being against their will is level 3, not level 8.
- “Impure thoughts” are not a sin, FFS

This whole system is a hot ableist mess and we’re scrapping it for a more nuanced view of psychological consequences for immoral or paradoxical actions.

True Names:
A Mage’s true name is not the name assigned to them at birth, but the one with which they identify themselves. This does add an element of danger to becoming overly attached to one’s Shadow Name – if a Mage begins to identify with that name over their True Name, it becomes their new True Name.

The Sixth Watchtower

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